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Mysli slobodne. Uč sa slobodne. — Zo slobodnej knižnice Wikibooks ~ Wikiknihy.
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Hello, I am DutchTina

Just another Wikimedian. If you need me, have questions or suggestions: please write on my talk page or write me an email.

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Hallo? Hello? Guten Tag?

Say hi to me in Dutch, English or German and I will understand what you are saying. (nl-N, en-3, de-2)


Administrator @nlwiki

I am active as an Administrator on Dutch Wikipedia. If you have any questions, feel free to leave me a message. (verify)

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Global renamer @meta

You can ask me questions about handled requests (only public information) or request a rename via this form. (verify)

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Volunteer Response Team

I handle queries, complaints, and comments from users and visitors sent via email to Wikimedia projects. (verify)

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Small Wiki Monitoring Team

Tento užívateľ je člen Monitorovacieho tímu pre malé wiki.

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Just Another Bot

I run a bot called Just Another Bot. My bot used to do some maintenance tasks on Dutch Wikipedia.



I co-operate a bot called WikiportraitBot. This bot helps the Wikiportrait team with some automated tasks.


IRC: DutchTina

You can find me and have a conversation on m:IRC in the channels #wikipedia-nl and #wikimedia-rename.

:m:Internet Relay Chat